Mini-pump recommendation...


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I somehow managed to unclip my Wese(sp?) mini-pump whilst riding this morning. Unfortunately it became bent under the wheels of following traffic :blush:

Any recommendation for a replacement? Must do 100+ psi and schrader/presta...and stay on the bike, hopefully.

Muchas gracias

John the Monkey

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Both mini-pumps I've owned have been utter cack (although I've never shelled out serious money for one). I'd say go for the Topeak Road Morph, which is excellent, and will do 120psi reliably.


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In the end I went for the 'topeak pocket rocket master blaster'. Bought it from Halfords. They are the best shop - in the world. When it comes to mini-pumps they really know their stuff. I asked them where their mini-pumps were; "over there in the corner, mate". Top answer.


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I'd still recommend getting one of these Maz, so much easier than messing around with a pump for ages:
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