Minimum spec SFF PC build for all virtual ride software


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Planning to build a PC to host Zwift, RGT, BigringVR, bkool etc. (yes I go through all of them from time to time!)

Does anyone have recommendations for a minimum spec, particularly on the GPU front, as I need this purchase to not only suit all the software but also last for several years. Guessing it'll probably have to be Windows too.


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I run an Intel NUC (BOXNUC8i5BEH3), Win10.

It will handle BRVR, Zwift, Bkool and several other software platforms without issue @1080p. Unless all the platforms go 4k (it can display 4k video) I can't see it falling over anytime soon.


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If you’re building, why not start with onboard graphics which will be fine for now. Then if you need more grunt on the graphics side in a year or two add a card?
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