Minipump...mount on downtube or seat-tube?

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Oooooh hot topic or what?! Which position is most aerodynamic?! You could get your PhD with this one.

I currently have mine on the downtube but it keeps getting knocked off whilst riding...the end of my long baggies catch the pump and flick it off the clips and onto the road. So far no following car has ridden over it! and it's a real pain having to retrieve it. So I'll be putting mine on the seat-tube...which got me thinking about the whole aerodynamics thing (not that it'll make any difference to my commute!)

Yeah, I know 'don't wear those baggies' I hear you say...but I like them! :ohmy:
On my current commuter its on the down tube on my old bike it was on the seat tube. Nothing to do with aeordynamics, it just fittted better there.

I forgot to say, my old bike has no bosses so the pump fitted to the seat tube was at the back.


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Mine's on the downtube with the mount underneath the bottle cage (I only have one bottle cage and it just looks neater down there). Which side have you got the clip on? you could just try mounting it the other way around (so the pump is on the other side of the bike than it's on now), that might alleviate the problem. Or put it on the other set of bosses if you so wish. Either way, it's not going to make any difference to aero-dynamics in reality, so simply change it around until it stops falling off.
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