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Since 99% of the time when I'm on my bike I'm on the roads, as recommended by you lovely CC folk, I've just swapped my MTB tyres for some Schwalbe City Jets (26x1.5) - I'm difference is very noticable. Now all I have to do is get rid of this dreaded cold, because I was dying after 3 miles because I couldn't really breathe (minor details).

Thanks CC :smile:


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Good lad! A cold in summer is bad luck though. Olbas oil is your friend.


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Face that bad boy down.

You, a plastic bowl, a kettle being topped up and boiled on loop and a bottle of olbas oil in five minutes.

Blitz it with olbas oil for like hours and you'll be right as rain. That or you won't have a nose left.

EDIT: Oh, also fitted a city jet the other day on my bike and its nice :smile: incidently fitted a schwable inner tube with kevlar so thats two layers of kevlar now! :smile:
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