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I need a new pair of summer cycling gloves.
I currently have specialized bg gel ones which I like.

Any other recommendations, or shall I just replace with the same?

I do like the ones that have little loops to let you take them off without them turning inside out, which the Spesh ones have.


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replace with the same, they are hard to beat imo

Alexis Holwell

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I've a pair of Specialized BG Gel gloves and really rate them. I also have a pair of Gore Bike Wear Alp-X 2.0 Short Finger Gloves which I purchased for commuting and find that I tend to reach for these gloves 99% of the time. They're supper comfy and seem to be wearing really well.

They're billed as MTB gloves but I use them on my road bikes as well.


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Aldi ones from last year :smile: will probably buy another set when they are out again :smile:


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Chiba gel comfort. Run a bit small so I went for XXL instead of usual XL. Dirt cheap, have the little loops and last ages. Good colour range too
Certainly impressed with mine,they have outlasted all my others save Prendas.I seem to be fairly hard on gloves,therefore I have a few pairs and alternate them.I would however steer clear of Giro Monaco mitts.My pair lasted about 2 months.Whilst the palm is excellent both in quality and feel,the rest of the glove is very poorly made,the stitching fails between the various elements of the glove, the pull-off tags tear and the closures....well,dont! Oh,and they are expensive.
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