Mixing tyre brands

I'll shortly be needing a new 23mm tyre (the rear is failing) so I'm going to shift the front to the rear and get a new tyre for the front. My current tyres are conti 4 seasons but I don't fancy paying the price for them at the moment and I'm looking at something like a Vittoria. Is it wise to have two separate brand/ tread types on the bike?


I run mixed tyres with no problem - have a Veloflex Pave on the front for grip and performance and Michelin Pro 3 on the rear.

They are subject to differing forces anyway so I would have thought that it makes sense.


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Are you thinking of the old advert for tyres which warned against mixing cross-ply and radials.

'I am convinced that these are a major contribution to road safety'

No, probably not... :smile:
Cheers folk, my only experience of mixing tyres was on my old bike a spesh nimbus (front) and nimbus armadillo (rear) that could be a little skittish in the wet but that might have been the brand (others have said similar) and not the mix, so I wasn't sure and wanted to check. The Vittoria are out of stock and keep the logo similar I may order a conti ultra sport, their reviews seem to be good.
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