Mmmm.......I'm in lust

Link didn't work, vbc!


This is more lustworthy :tongue:



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Very nice VBC, I've been looking into getting a Plug for commuting duties, however having seen the sale Sideways is having on Voodoo's I'm also tempted by a 16" Wanga!! Big Pic!


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Nice bike prettier than the Orbea with discs in this months C+ more affordable and has hydro discs to boot would look even nicer with some drop bars on it.
Dayvo said:

Oh dearie me! I was at a bike mech course this evening in my lbs (which also happens to be Stockholm's biggest and best shop) and I had a look at the bike (linked above) that I was fully intending to buy in the spring, for £616.

Having a coffee and a chat with the mechs afterwards, one of them showed me this

and I think I'm going to have to get it instead! ;)


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I was looking at a couple of those Voodoo frames in a shop recently, they looked really nice. ;) Having seen that sale I'm very tempted... If it weren't for Christmas ahead I'd be ordering one right now. The design is very old school Kona - same designer I heard.
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