Model Railways

As seen in the current issue of 'British Railway Modeling' magazine (BRM)

35 foot long MGR trains!!
One end is a foot higher than the other, to recreate the gradient (1 in 137)

The magazine seems to imply that it's touring, but I can't see any dates

Sorry, for this 'Mail' link;


Heaton Lodge is coming to its home city, in December!!:okay::okay:
I'm checking my days-off!!

'Heaton Lodge Junction' featured quite comprehensively in last nights 'Hornby' programme


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We have special days and people do put up stalls to sell things, but never know how well stuff will sell, guy here had his table at end of museum and one way due to Colvid means all directed past him, seems he sold nothing.

Loads of interest, but no buyers. Felt sorry for him, there for two days of gala and nothing. But on other years he has done well, you never know.


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Looks great. Hopefully it'll appear somewhere closer to me one day.
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