Modern, lightweight touring bike 52-54cm

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Ribsburg, 13 Aug 2012.

  1. Hi everyone

    I'm looking for a second-hand lightweight touring bike, size 52-54cm. My budget is up to £400.

    I'm not looking for anything 'vintage', I would like STI shifters, drop bars, a sturdy frame, rack, strong wheels, mudguards and fatter tyres than a road bike (28-32 preferably).

    Something along the lines of a Dawes/Ridgeback/Revolution/Claud Butler tourer (or similar) would be great. If you have something along those lines that you want to sell, please let me know asap!

    I'm based in London but happy to travel to collect.

    Best wishes

  2. 2wd

    2wd Canyon Aeroad CF 7.0 Di2

    Hi Steve

    If you can up your budget by a little I have my almost new (2 months old)Tricross Sport with Tiagra shifters

    It' would be ideal as it had two wheelsets

    One with 28mm tyres and the other with 32mm tyres

    Click on links under here
  3. Andrew_Culture

    Andrew_Culture Internet Marketing bod

    If you drop your budget waaaaay down and stretch your legs by a few inches you can have my Claud Butler tourer. Although it is technically vintage...

    This might be one of my less useful posts.
  4. 2wd

    2wd Canyon Aeroad CF 7.0 Di2

    ^^^^ so it's everything he doesn't want

    Yep it was a useless post
  5. Very nice bike mate! Sadly I haven't quite got the cash and I'm looking for something specific. Someone else will snap that up though.
  6. I'll work on that leg stretching thing and get back to you.
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