Monday's good driver


I sent this to Stagecoach Manchester on Monday. I was actually on the bus, not on the bike. His driving was very good indeed, giving the cyclists (including the inevitable muppets on Oxford road) plenty of room and actually looked more than just a few meters ahead of him.

To whom it may concern:

I was a passenger on the 42 service from Didsbury to Manchester today at 7:55; bus service number was 22129.

The driver gave plenty of room to the cyclists; he also showed good awareness of the road ahead, which allowed him to avoid needless overtakes.

As a frequent cyclist and a member of the Manchester Wheelers' club, I appreciate good & considerate driving. Please pass on my compliments to the driver and, if possible, keep this e-mail on his file.

Yours truly,


Rider of Seolferwulf
South London
Awesome dude, well done for doing that!!! That's got to be as effective as 3 or 4 complaints and videos showing bus drivers making bad mistakes.
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