Moped Aggressors


Grand Old Lady
Thanks for sharing the trailer for the new Mad Max movie.
Unfortunately its a old craze, 2 guys on a moped chased me down a cycleway a few years ago, kicked me of. Broken hand and wrist. Posted the incident on here. There was no attempt to rob me etc, it was just a laugh to them.
Police had no evidence ( now I have cameras running full time fore and aft) but had a fair idea who it was. Now if a moped looks like its up to no good I slam the brakes on and dismount. Also a guy on my commute last year got surrounded by 4 or 5 of them. He stopped as he felt it was safer to fight on his feet, luckily they gave up as he looked like he might be too much trouble for them.
There's just no respect and a cyclist to them is just some weirdo who's a easy target. I have no clue as to the percentage that get away with this kind of attack but I suspect the danger of getting caught to them is negligible so well worth the giggle they get.

Ming the Merciless

There is no mercy
Inside my skull
Blades spinning on the wheel axels like gladiator chariots will do the job

Mrs M

“Human” waste like this makes me sick :angry:
Barely a brain cell or a shred of decency amongst them.
All members at Mr M’s golf club who use buggies have been warned this week to be vigilant.
The local “brain donors” have been hijacking them mid round, they hide in the trees then drive them away.
I had it tried out at me a couple of years back, but luckily I sensed they were up to no good as they slowed down alongside me and I put the brakes on. They went past and kicked the air in front of me, laughing like idiots as they rode off.
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