More O.T. Computer issues. This time good.

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After asking on here how to find the " free space pie chart " I found I had 39% free space. After a clean up & defrag it went up to 41%, Whoopee Doo ! **COMputer (6yrs. old) has only got a 18.48GB capacity and so bloody slow, so I went searching for some shareware progs.

Yippee #1)
The 1st one I downloaded was "Clean Disk Security",which does all the things clean up does, you pay if you want to use the clean up file slack space, otherwise use it to your hearts content. Anyway, I did a clean up of standard file space using the Gutmann method, started off with 115 hrs. (!!) to go, I'd pause and put **COMputer to sleep at night and re-start the next day, so I think in reality it probably took about 55 to 60hrs. When it had finished I did a defrag and now had 78% free space !! Now that's better !!

So then I thought what else annoys me, I know, un-associated (3rd party) banner ads, for these I downloaded "IE7 Pro v1.2". This does loads of things but I've only really got my head around the blocking of banner ads part so far (tooooo busy lurking around here !) but it works and web pages load so much faster.

I've always used Cookies manager to look after my cookie jar, but the bad ones always get through, although if on your delete list easy enough to throw away until the next time. So I down loaded "Win Patrol". I'm sure the IE7 Pro would do the same but not really looked yet. Well once you've typed the main domain name into the cookie blocker box, next time you re-start, if it comes at you again it gets destroyed immediately. I've a list of 26 'naughty boys' and only one of them occasionally gets through (quantserve).

I still use cookies manager but more as a reference guide now as it keeps a list of all cookies destroyed by it (or you, sorry, it is only a machine !!).

So there you go, a bit long winded but like having a new(ish) **COMputer here and I'm one happy Easter Bunny !
( It is nearly Easter isn't it ?? )

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