Morning everyone - old member back and turning to Es

Hi there, I used to be a member many years ago, and posted a lot about my Trek Hybrid and my novice cycling state.

I've been testing the 'for rent' e bikes in my town this last month and loved them. Even though it was cumbersome, gearless and inelegant, the boost from the battery when my fat 50-something legs need it is great. Hills are no longer my enemy.

So, I have ordered an ebike. I've gone for a folding one, as I want the option of fitting it in my car (it's not suitable for a bike rack), and we want one that can fit in the bigger car boot alongside suitcases when we go on holiday.

Collecting it tomorrow, and I just can't wait. PS I am based in central Scotland.
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welsh dragon

Thanks but no thanks. I think I'll pass.
Hello and welcome back. :welcome:


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Welcome to the dark side - ebikes are fun!!!

err - make and model??
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