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Or lack there of....

I can't seem to get motivated to go out on the bike. Had a bad start to the year health wise, and now it's like it's just too much effort to even get the bike out of the garage. I wasn't particulary confident to start off with, now I find my confindence plummeting again.

Is it just a case of gritting my teeth and getting out, or do you have any different motivations??


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Once you get out you will remember why you enjoyed cycling in the first place. Just take it slow and easy and gently build up your confidence and fitness level. Once you are out in the sunshine you will get your cycling mojo back. :wacko:
To some extent I'm in the same boat as you. I broke my collar bone six weeks ago and I haven't cycled properly since. And to be honest my confidence has taken a bit of a knock as well. I cycled three miles yesterday and I felt nervous and my shoulder felt uncomfortable.
I am back to work on Monday so as far as I'm concerned once I am fit enough to work, I'm fit enough to cycle properly. Saying that I am not going to push myself too hard and I am going to take it one ride at a time. I'm just going to let my body tell me what I can or can't do.
My motivation is getting to the stage where I was before the accident and enjoying the summer weather on my bike. :biggrin:


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Could you do me a favour?

Would you ride to Wadebridge and find out if Malcolm Barnecutt's bakers shop is still in business?

I'll be down that way later in the summer.


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I often feel less than motivated to get out, especially when the weather's like it is right now.

But.... because I know I'll enjoy it if I do get out, and I know I'll feel angry with myself if I don't take the opportunity I grit my teeth and make myself do it.

Without fail, as soon as I get in the saddle I'm pleased I did it.

So, I can't give you any motivational tips I'm afraid except to say - just get out there and do it.


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You could set yourself goals i.e first do 5 miles on your bike and then when you complete them reward your self with something nice ;)


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I've been there, join a club or try riding with other people and you'll be more motivated.


Add up what your bike and gear cost, roughly.

Then, you can either:

1) Work out how much it's cost you per useage. ie £700 worth of kit has cost you £350 per ride if you've used it twice. Or £2.33 if you've used it 300 times!

2) Work out the cost per mile. Your £700 worth of kit has cost you £0.23 per mile if you've done 3000 miles!

And then try to get the cost as near as zero as possible, which comes ever closer the more times you use the kit.



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I agree with having an aim - assuming that you are putting off getting your bike out to go on a 'pointless' round trip.

Go to the shops, or look up a nice cafe somewhere too far to walk too, or a museum or whatever floats your boat.


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I had a mojo issue earlier this year, and still do from time to time. I seem to find that if I get up and actually put my cycling clothes on, after the kids have gone to school etc I can just set off without using having to use get changed as another excuse. You are also subconciously getting prepared if you are already kitted out.


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I think lack of motivation effects us all at some point. i had a period last year when I had to force myself onto my bike. Once I got going and strted sweating I was happy and Glad I made the effort. I think we all need a bit of sun. I wonder if it's easier to stay motivated in a sunny climate.


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Most of us go through this once in a while i guess...i know i do, particually after each winter.
Start small, just hop on the bike, even something small like a ride to the shops or local park...something with a purpose. I find it easier that way to get going again rather than just forcing myself to ride to nowhere in particular.

Start small, take it steady or you'll overdo it and compound the problem. Just ride to enjoy.
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