mountain bike for my wife


Hello all,
Now i have my bike i want to get my wife one, i have a budget of £300. Can i have some suggestions please?
She is about 5.5
She would like a mountain bike.
New or used?


Used is always better value. How often will she use it? I bought one for my wife for £30 off eBay - it's old (1989) but it was a good bike when it was new and has scrubbed up well with only a little fettling - and even though she's only ridden it twice in a year, it was still good value :smile:


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"Mountain bike for my wife".................when I read that I thought...................good swap ^_^.
I had* a Decathlon Rockrider which I really rated for the price. *Had it stolen and replaced with a Giant which is better but much more expensive.


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Usual advice - avoid suspension, it's just added weight at the lower end of the price range. Don't be fooled by bad PR some of Halfords bikes can be good and are often discounted. You may be better building it up yourself that's all [but even that depends on you local store]. Yes you will get a better bike secondhand but only if you know what to look out for and if you can fix any minor probs you might encounter. If she's going to be riding mostly on the road a pair of slick tyres might be a good idea too.
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