Mt. Croagh Patrick. Bare Foot And Banishing PotholesO

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by YahudaMoon, 7 Aug 2012.

  1. YahudaMoon

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    The Mountain of Croagh Patrick, Co Mayo, Ireland. is the place where St. Patrick climbed, fasted for 40 days and banished all the snakes from the land for ever.

    On the last Sunday of July every year a pilgramage is done and people climb Mt. Croagh, some bare foot, to the church that was built at the summit. I've always wanted to do it, as it's a family thing, though I never have.

    Anyway yesterday I hit a mahoosive pothole (about 5ft x 5ft x 6 inch) drafting a car at speed on Kirkashulme Lane, Longsight. Yep, near the same place some lemming walked out on me about three week back. I shouldn't have been drafting cars at that speed, it's a bad habbit I've always done. I seen the hole though I was on my fixed bike and struggled jumping 5ft. Ive blew the tyre and bent the handle bars

    So I went over the handle bars proper comedy style lol. Banged my head and got a few scrapes n aches. So all is good. Ambulance was called as blood was coming from my head, people stopped and some realy nice asian ladies looked after me before the ambulance came and I have their phone # lol :smile:

    The police officer on the scene wa also so nice, said 'I could pick my bike up at Longsight police station after I get out of A+E as its open till 6pm. though if its after 6pm use the yellow phone outside the police station and the'll get my bike so I can get home. '"nice I thought

    Got out of A+E after 4 hours, about 6.30pm. No phone, no money, no one who could pick me up :sad:

    So I had to walk to Longsight police station. Problem is I have only got cycling shoes. So I walked it bare foot. I must of looked a right lemon lol. Gets to the police station and used the yellow phone as the station was shut for the general public. Someone on the phone answers and I explain my situation about how PC XXXX said I could pick my bike up. I got the answer. 'No, no, no, with a definite NO!

    So a walk home was my only option. I tried walking in my cycling shoes for a while. This must have looked so funny, decided to get laughed at going bare foot for the next two mile instead lol

    On my way home I passed the place where I came off, so decided obviously to inspect the 5ft x 5ft x 6 inch pot hole the threw me off my bike. Though the mahoosive pot hole had disappeared, banished ! where was it ? Just some fresh tarmac was only evident. Wow !
  2. Broadside

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    Fleet, Hants
    I climbed Croagh Patrick with some if my family when I was 16 (I have a lot of family from Mayo). I still rate it as one of the hardest things I have done and I was wearing boots!

    The bolder scrabbling for the last three quarters of the climb were what made it tricky. I have lots of respect for those that do it barefoot.

    PS, how's your bike?
  3. Hacienda71

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    Highways are a bunch of ******* Coincidence they filled in a big hole after someone was hospitalized by their inaction, or deliberate attempt to avoid a compensation claim........who knows, one thing I do know is there far too many nasty potholes appearing on a regular basis. There endeth the rant.
    Glad you are ok and it didn't end up more serious.
  4. OP

    YahudaMoon Über Member

    Got my bike back today from Longsight police station :smile:

    All is good, I just need new bar tape, even the Pete Matthews wheel set is running true (thanks pete). Of what I find amazing as I hit the pothole at about 25kmh. Oh and two large holes in the inner tube from the impact

    Glad I wasn't wearing a helmet or using my 105 bike or Id be needing a new helmet £50 and have damaged 105 STI's £200. Only running a BMX lever on my track bike that I crashed

    So true. well I won't be putting a claim in for £15 bar tape. If Id been on my nice bike then maybe I would be ?

    Also at the end of the day drafting cars at speed with just a car length was a bit silly really :/ though if the mahoosive hole hadn't of been there I'd of never crashed

    I think its good though that they were so quick filling the hole. So quick it was filled before I got attended to in the hospital by the looks of things :-D
  5. snorri

    snorri Legendary Member


    Good to hear helmet and bike unscathed YahudaMoon.:thumbsup:

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