MTB <£700 from Evans Cycles


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Sorry, I know the "what bike" question has been asked in various guises before, but my ask is fairly specific so hoping for some guidance from those that know more than I...

I have up to £700 to spend on an MTB, but it must come from Evans as it's through our cycle to work scheme (the rest of the £1,000 budget is going on other bits, so not available here before anyone asks!).

In brief:
- I'm more of a roadie these days, but grew up with (Cheaper) MTBs as a kid and am quite happy playing around on not too technical stuff
- Am after a bike for occasional use as a break from road and commuting - anything from taking the kids through the local woods, to all day XC rides with mates to light use down not too technical trails (i.e. easier stuff around the Surrey Hills)
- Definitely hardtail at this price point

I will obviously test ride various options, but from what I can see, two of my better options from Evans might be:

Scott Scale 970

or Spesh Rockhopper Expert 29er:

Anyone care to rubbish my suggestions or suggest any alternatives??!!



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They are a sililar price, with a similar level of componentry from respected brands. I guess it really comes down to which colour you like best.

But with the spesh you will get a few beer tokens of change from your £700. :smile:
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