MTB Racing in South East


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Does anyone have any experience/recommendations for races to enter in or around Surrey, Sussex or Kent. How good do you actually have to be?



Used to do the SAMS series years ago beleive its called something else now, which were the southern championship series.Elite,Masters,Vets,Grand Vets. Lots of clubs run there own events,used to be a few round bracknel in the forest, and at checkendon near reading.Both of these venues would be suitable for a starter. I think most of them include a sportsman type class,to get you started. As long as you can ride flat out over the rough for an hour and a half you ll be o.k. Of course there are endurance events as well. Stay away from the champ, stuff untill you are ready for it,it can get pretty rough.


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Have a look at the Gorrick races - Gorrick

If you've not raced before try the fun category and see how you get on, you'll find a complete mix of ability, even the fun riders are quick at the front of the field but it's much more relaxed lower down the order.

If you find you do well in the fun category step up to the Open category for the next race or if you're over 30 there are age categories. The pace is pretty high in the age category groups but once you've done a race in the fun category it's easy to compare your lap times to other categories and see where you stand.


Yes the Gorrick races are good can t believe they re still going. What venues do they use now MMFB ?
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