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Hi all,

I've been a long time rider of a Specialised Rockhopper FS '99 (with upgrades to Magura HS33 Racelines and Mavic 521 Wheels and more recently (last year) a new Hollowtech BB, LX Crankset, XT Chain, Cassette, Dérailleurs and Shifters as the stock STX-RC / LX combination had finally died after 14 years or so of use.

Anyway, since a long time I've only been riding on road and thus I'm looking at Road bikes around the £2k mark. Ideally no more than £2100.

The LBS stocks Ridley, Genesis (inc the new zero range), Bianchi and Saracen.
The other LBS is a GIANT superstore and allowed me to test ride a Defy Advanced Pro 2, which is £1899. Nice bike, but it's a giant and they're almost too common for my liking. But it's really light and looks great.

Loving the Ridley Fenix though, especially the C30 Disc and C10 Disc (a nearby shop can do the latter at £2040, which is v tempting.

But, then there are so many other bikes out there too, all seem so lovely.

The worry is that I would have to park my bike in our shed, which can get messy, so an alu bike may be better?

What say all you lovely people?


P.S., I know it's more about the fit of the bike and the ride, but I've gotta love the bike I'm riding too...


I can't provide any useful input into your question, but would just like to say welcome to the forum from a fellow Specialised Rockhopper owner (Sport version - circa 1988 ish).


Personally, if I was spending two grand on a bike then I would park it in the other side of the double bed with me, and put the wife out in the shed, but that's just my viewpoint.^_^

I'm sure someone far more knowledgeable than me will be along shortly to offer advice...............



The Giant you tried is the 2015 version of mine (which is 2013) and it is a very nice bike. However if you want something a bit more exclusive, I would be tempted by the Ridley. I think I've only seen one while I've been out, they aren't common, but they are very well thought of :smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum. :welcome:. What a nice predicament to be in with that budget and choice. My advice would be to test ride and compare from there. Enjoy and let us know what you choose.

jonny jeez

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P.S., I know it's more about the fit of the bike and the ride, but I've gotta love the bike I'm riding too...

Nowt wrong with that. I'm with Steve jobs on this point " form and function are one and the same".

I understand the "common place" point but there is an upside, I am keen on the ridley noah fast but am worried about availability of shops that supply them and parts for them ( although most parts are fairy stock)

Giant, specialised, trek they are all a little like Honda, you'll always find parts and skills required to fit them...pretty close to where ever you need them.


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I think I have decided!

It's going to be a Genesis Zero Frameset build in the Madison-Genesis team colours. It won't be as well spec'd as the Zero i, but it will be well enough spec'd. It will be built by my LBS, who are very good and really nice people.

Decided not to go the disc route after all - I'll let the companies iron out all the potential "road bikes with disc brake" issues for a few years. I'm used to rim brakes, so am happy to continue with them for the time being.

Very excited!


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Welcome the world of road riding.
My bikes live indoors. The roadies are on the bedroom wall, on their racks, the CX bikes are in the spare room - on the wall on their racks. I don't quite trust a shed with carbon fibre or even high grade aluminium.
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