MTB shoes - no cleats


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Anyone got reccomendations for MTB shoes without cleats?
I guess I could just wear trainers.
Pair of grippy pedals and some boots or boot style shoes. I don't use clips on my mtn bike but many do.


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I have Specialized Sonoma - they are a bit more comfy than trainers and look more bike like, but have the same slippage issues
5:10s. You won't regret it, the rubber is insanely grippy. They also make climbing and amphibious shoes.


+1 on the suggestion for 5.10s

Pair of those and good flat pedals with pins and you have to lift you foot to get it off the pedal - i realise that sounds a bit daft as you have to do that whatever shoes you are wearing, but it is sort of hard to describe what it is like without actually trying it for yourself.
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