MTB Shoes with concealed cleat

Why don't they inspire you? I am currently using a pair of Northwave Drifter GTX shoes which I brought in particular because of the amount of tread. I am planning on doing a bit of hiking in these as part of a cycle tour.



So far these have worked out as good shoes but I haven't tested the Gore-Tex aspect as yet.



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Don't most MTB shoes for SPDs have recessed cleat locations? Both the pairs I have had sections to cut out to expose the threaded plate, and blanks that could be screwed back in place of the cleat.

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Thanks folks.

So you reckon I will have plenty of options. Anything in particular I should look out for? Would prefer something with a wide cleat fitting but dont see any (road bikes only?).

Re not being inspired - visually not too many look too great!


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SPD cleats are small and recessed. SPD-SL cleats are big and stick out. I could be wrong, but most shoes are specific to the particular type. If you want to be fast on your bike , get SPD-SLs. The shoes tend to be stiffer and you can get more power into the pedals. If you want to be able to walk etc as well as cycle (in my case somewhat slowly) , get SPDs.


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Evans has 15% off with code gold15 I just got a pair of these

I heard ratchet is better so giving it a try.

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Main reason I need them is not so much for power (which is of course a good bonus) but to provide better protection to my feet with the firm sole. Will mainly use them for tracks and commute type journeys so handy to be able to walk as well.

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I use Specialized Body Geometry SPD shoes similar to these:

They are great for walking in. I bought mine from a shop as I was unsure about the sizing as it is often not the norm with cycling gear. Sure enough I had to go one size up, if I had bought them online I would of had to return them. Still I know for the future now with Specialized shoes anyway to go a size up from my regular shoe size.
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