Mud Guards. All the same? Or are there good and bad?


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Hi there,

I'm just about to get my first new bike in about 20 years and am starting with a Carrera Subway thanks to some help from the forums. However i'm now thinking about bits to go with .

Now halfords do some bog standard mudguards to go on see HERE. Should i go for these or should i invest in something else?

Also whilst i've got your attention what about lights, these , or again something better/different?

thank you very much



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I had a set of guards like that on my old mountain bike. The front one just has straps that wrap around the bottom of the frame, and it never stayed straight, and the back one attached to the seat post and always been kicked out of line.

When I replace the ones that came on my hybrid I will probably get full size SKS ones, that's the brand I see mentioned on here mostly.

With the old mountain bike of mine, I was stuck with those as there wasn't enough clearance through the forks because it had front suspension forks, so it may be worth checking fit before you buy whatever you decide on.


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Those lights will keep you legal and help with being seen, but not much more.

That's OK if you're not doing much after dark riding and staying within street lighting. There are some very long threads on here about lights, and there's a wide range of opinions.

Post what you want to achieve with your lights (e.g. Off road in total darkness all weather, or around town all year etc.) and you'll get at least 50 posts in 24 hours with advice!


Recently fitted some full SKS mudguards myself and they are excellent, as posted above i recommend you get full guards if commuting.

Not much experience with lights as i've only started commuting in the last couple of months but recently got myself a "Smart" flashing rear light off ebay for about £7 and it's brilliant!

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Mudguards: SKS Chromoplastics - they're really, really good.

Lights: consider one of these at the rear - super bright, and excellent for the money.

At the moment I have;
1x Torch 9x (with integral reflector, light set to "chase" pattern)
1x Blackburn Mars 4.0 (set to steady)
1x Smart 1/2 watt set to flash.

Having more than one light means that;
1) You can set one to flash to attract attention, and one to steady to allow the judging of speed and distance (harder with a flashing light)
2) You have a spare if one malfunctions.

I use the 1x steady, 1x flashing idea at the front too, with a torch on a lockblock (steady) and a Knog Toad (flashing).


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I've got SKS mudguards too... (bit of a theme developing:biggrin:)

As for lights I've got the Smart superflash (good basic cheap rear light) and a Electron Nano 9 as my basic set up, but with Hope 1 (this year's purchase) for to be able to see!!!

I have quite a few spare lights too as my bag seems to eat them - so that I can find them easily.

Thing is with lights they always seem to be bringing out new ones... I am waiting to see what will be new this winter:biggrin:.


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Imho those lights are overpriced. You want to try and get hold of something like smart 1/2 watt on sale or smart 7 LED. I got hold of a 7LED for £4 and it's a better light than quite a few out there.


I've got SKS Commuter mudguards - I believe they do 26" versions which will fit on a Subway. They're quite minimal and will suite the Subway.

I've also got some of the big Cateye lights but if I were buying lights again, I'd go for the Smarts above.


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Cheers peoples well i think you've sold me on SKS for mudguards!

I will be doing a bit of evening cycling as the days are now getting shorter. So thank you for the info on lights as well looks like i'll be going for some smarts!

thanks everyone !!!

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