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Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Katherine, 1 Nov 2016.

  1. Katherine

    Katherine Guru Moderator Photo Winner

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  2. Mares tails and mackerel skies for the last day, I'm expecting heavy weather tomorrow, and an end to this warm (75F) weather. There will be a pancake breakfast at the volunteer fire department in a neighboring town this weekend, and I've been invited to ride with the group from here, mostly older fellows that put in a lot of miles.
  3. tyred

    tyred Legendary Member

    54 days until Christmas!
  4. Reiver

    Reiver Guest

    We have a hard white frost, if I was going to go out in the van at this moment (which I'm not) I would have to scrape the Ice off the windscreen. First proper frost of the season
  5. deptfordmarmoset

    deptfordmarmoset Full time tea drinker

    Armonmy Way
    One of the disadvantages of going to bed dead early (9pm) is that you wake up at ungodly o'clock.

    Meanwhile, in Mundane News news, we're now in another new version. This is not the 5th post of the thread.
  6. Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

    4° I tells ya.....4.

    That don't impress Shania Twain much.
  7. deptfordmarmoset

    deptfordmarmoset Full time tea drinker

    Armonmy Way
    5 here. Going one better than you...
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  8. summerdays

    summerdays Cycling in the sun Moderator

    I fell asleep on the sofa last night.... I only woke up because Mr Summerdays woke up! I don't normally do that so I must have been really tired.
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  9. Salty seadog

    Salty seadog Space Cadet...(3rd Class...)

    No-one likes a show off...:tongue:
  10. deptfordmarmoset

    deptfordmarmoset Full time tea drinker

    Armonmy Way
    But they were before global warming had been heard of. They're about 6 degrees in new money.
  11. steve50

    steve50 Disenchanted Member

    West Yorkshire
    First hard frost of the year last night, looks like its going to be a nice but cold day today.
  12. Smithbat

    Smithbat Getting there, one ride at a time.

    5.45 get up for me. No frost here but eerie fog again so more layers for me this morning I think.

    Morning all :hello:
  13. Hill Wimp

    Hill Wimp Fair weathered,fair minded but easily persuaded.

    Blue skies and sunshine on the beach. No frost as we don't have them but it's rather:cold:
  14. TVC

    TVC Guest

    Manflu for sale, one careful owner, genuine reason for sale - no longer required
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  15. dave r

    dave r Dunking Diddy Dave Pedalling Pensioner

    Holbrooks Coventry
    Beautiful bright sunny autumn morning in coventry, but chilly, about 4%, I've got the heating on.
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