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Something from the Pod Safe Music Network?
Matthames said:
Not wanting to fall foul of any licensing issues, does anybody have any advice about what music I can add as a backing track to my videos?
Some tracks I've added have been muted due to copy right, yet other companies music let it remain just putting a small add in your vid. I usually just upload and see.
For some bizarre reason I also found that live music recorded at a gig by passes their filters.
To be perfectly legal Youtube also via 'Audio Swap' do quite a good range of music which you can quickly filter to get something of the right mood/ length.


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You should be OK with any music covered under Creative Commons licensing. Most just require that you credit or link to the artist if you play them.

(There are a few different licensing options under CC; if in doubt, look it up & check).

You could try sites like Jamendo, or other ones offering CC-licensed music.
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