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So the mudguards are back on and the Muvi is off but does anyone have any experience of a Muvi getting wet? Will it survive a shower? Or is it a case of if there's any rain in the forecast I should just leave it at home?



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I missed the chance of testing this the other day.....
Forgot the camera and then fell off in the middle of a ford.
Shame in a way, as it would have been spectacular footage had it survived.

I believe one can buy waterproof cases for them though?


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The waterproof cases are about £25 from their EBay shop. Hopefully they have fixed the design fault that caused me to get a refund after the original and replacement easily broke, the clasp was poor quality and broke the first time I closed it.

The muvi can survive a shower, it will probably have problems with heavy downpours. You have to be careful if it is wet and then plugging it in to anything electrical.


I've used mine in light rain and heavy mist. As long as it only gets a sprinkle, it will be fine. However, the lens clouds over rather quickly.

If the rain is heavy enough to allow water to seep in via the cracks, I would put it away (in my pocket or bag usually)


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Hello, I got the Muvi Pro and there is a problem when recording outside, I mean while I recording inside my home or room everything goes good, but when I take it outside to the street then there are a lot of interruptions, like every 3 seconds there is an interruption, I don’t know if there is something wrong with the configuration because I tried a different mini SD card and the same problem. I take it for a walk, run or even when put it steady outside and the same problem. So please is somebody know how to resolve this problem let me know, or maybe the device is defective so then I have to return it. Thank you to anyone who tries to help me on this issue.
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