My crappiest ride ever!!


Left work after a 12 hour stress packed day to do my favourite 28 mile evening ride:thumbsup:


After 15 mins I realised my legs were still sore from the weekend, and the bloody force 50 wind was against me all the way round the circular route (how does that work ffs?!!). I lost my water bottle, had a row with some chav in a Corsa, every other living being on two wheels ignored me for ackowledging them, and as if my ride wasn`t crap enough I got overtaken by 8 other bikes. I`m not going to make excuses I was still knackered after the weekend, but for goodness sake you know how to rub my nose in it!!!

..........sitting here sulking:evil::biggrin:


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Hot bath and a warm coco - sounds like youve earned it. ;)
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