My fault or the bike's?


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Hatemybike hatemybike hatemybike. Right. Eventually found the puncture. Repaired it, replaced tube, re-inflated until it felt pretty hard (30-40psi at a guess?), then noticed a nasty bulge. Can't decide whether this means that I've done something wrong, or there's something wrong with the tyre.

Have a look - two images to compare different sides of the wheel:

This is how it's supposed to look, I'm guessing - there's a guideline raised from the rubber which nestles against the rim all the way round.

This is the other side: before inflation, the guideline sits alongside the rim, and upon inflation this bulge develops.

Am I committing some utter noob error when I'm replacing the inner tube? God I suspect so, but can't think what it might be. Or is there something wrong with the tyre or tube?


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It looks like the tyres bead hasn't sat in the rim properly. I've seen it plenty of times the other way around i.e. the line under the level of the rim, but not that way round. If you let the tyre down and push the valve into the tyre (not all the way so you lose the valve), just enough for the tube to be sat above the tyre bead and the tyre to sit into the rim. When you re inflate it should be ok.
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yep, the valve body is stopping the tyre bead sitting on the wheel rim, always push the valvebody up into the body of the tyre so the tyre can get around it


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Don't feel incompetent - we've all done that or something like it :biggrin:
You'll never find things out if you don't ask.
Been there, done that (and a LOT of swearing).

Look on the bright side - you had the nouse to realise that something was wrong, ask about it and then fix it. That's not being incompetent!
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