My first 80 miler ....


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After splashing out at the weekend on SPDs, a rack ( to get rid of the sweaty back I get from wearing a rucksack ) GO gels & energy drink and some funky padded cycling shorts I finally got a chance to get out and road test them yesterday. I chose a route I did a few weeks ago which clocked in at 72 miles - my longest ride yet. A quick stop at the local shop for flapjacks ( as recommended by the kind folks on this forum ) and I was off.
I took care to stay hydrated, and used the gels anytime I started to flag - boy do they do the trick !!
After a stop for a lunchtime pint at the Dog & Doublet in Bodymoor Heath ( superb pub BTW ) I decided to change the 2nd half of the route, as I wanted to ride along the canals into Birmingham city centre and check out some urban scenery.
About a mile from home I checked the bike computer - 69 miles - so I resisted the urge to pack up for the day and continued - I wanted to top my best distance, as I was still feeling OK.
Anyway - I rode to the next town, the finished my day with a few miles along the local canal, which takes me virtually to my front door.
A quick look at the bike computer as I dismounted ( I'd avoided checking as I rode) showed 80.8 miles .....
If I'd made an earlier start I know I could have done a century yesterday - it's gonna happen soon, cos I KNOW i can do it now ......
I'll add a link to the route on Bikely once I get out of work an upload it .....


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Nice one that must feel good I aiming for 20 on Saturday :smile: small steps and all that ;)
Not only do you have the achievement of covering an excellent day's mileage, but you seem to have enjoyed yourself too. Sadly, I don't have any canal towpaths around here to ride along. They are good riding with what is usually pleasant scenery - I wish I had done your day's ride.


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well done you.....:thumbsup: I also wish that I had tow paths to cycle along too.....sounds lovely

You mean there are not enough flat roads in Norfolk?

I got chatting to a group of roadies at the quayside cafe in Beccles waiting for the duck race to start.
They wished they had some hills to climb.
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