My first "Big Ride" - and what a glorious day! legs are going to be complaining - and my arse already is a bit!

Since Saturdays are now football-free I thought what better way to fill the first empty Saturday with a ride out via Rivelin - Derwent Valley - Kings Tree - Hathersage - Surprise View instead of putting the bike in the car to get there.

Some of you will think this is nowt but I haven't done anything like 45 miles for about 16 years so I am quite pleased with it. And the icing on the cake was an uphill scalp on the climb out of Hathersage on the way back - ok he was on an MTB whilst I was on the tourer but it being my first long ride out for so long, I reckon I'm allowed to claim it all the same!

And I especially enjoyed the slightly smug feeling of zipping past the "hire a bike for the 12 mile round ride" weekenders, knowing that I'd done the hard work of getting there under my own steam too

I think for my Sunday walk I shall have to avoid Jacobs Ladder or Kinder tomorrow and head out somewhere a little flatter though, my legs know they have done some work today!

I think I could get used to this cycling lark - I just hope my posterior can get used to it too!


Resting in suspended Animation
Nice route, I do very similar when I go out that way minus the reservoir. I prefer coming back through Baslow and chesterfield though sometimes living on the other side of the city.
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