My first sportive


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I hear it's almost as tough as the Col de Dundas Street. ;)


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I did Bealach Beag last year for the first time, its a dream. It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life, before Alpe d'Huez, Ventoux and a few other notables in September.

But, with no desire to dishearten you, the experience is wonderful. The hill is long, quite steep but psychological as it is i full view all the way and in front of you. Get to the top is great but then the fun really starts, I think someone said there are a total of 22 bumps to negotiate on the way in. It is a brilliant way to spend a Saturday, sorry I can't fit it in this year but 13hr drive there is enough of a hassle to make me think twice.

I stayed in the hotel in the centre of the village last year, great atmosphere the night before and a real party after, the whole weekend was brilliant with a BIG high in the middle. Enjoy it, it will stay with you forever, I cannot recommend it high enough
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