My in-built-airzounds has become rhetorical

(Ok, I don't have an inbuilt airzounds, I just mean I shout: which is quite as loud as an Airzounds, much more expressive and I can keep both hands covering the brakes)

Anyway, at the beginning of last week a van passed me and immediately moved across me to park. I braked, swung out and as I passed his open window shouted "Did you not see me?" I startled myself with my turn of phrase, and apparently startled him too, as he hit his horn very angrily at me.

And then on Friday, I was in the centre lane on Bayswater Road as the left lane is left turn only and was full of turning traffic. The vehicle in front of me turned left from the centre lane, annoying me a little and seriously scaring the traffic in the left lane as he cut across them. As I passed, I asked "Do you not have an indicator?"

Is this just me, or do others do it too? (not rhetorical)


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I do it sometimes but I do it with actions rather than words. I've challenged people on their driving and they get defensive very quickly about it so now I only do it if they're properly dangerous rather than just irritatingly bad.

Last time I did it was a woman on her phone edging out at a junction on a busy road with her kid on the front seat. She was busy reading a text while edging out - I was the first thing to hit her if she carried on but the bus behind me would have caused quite the mess of both me and her.

I shouted at her - I looked behind and she pulled out without looking in front of a lorry. How the lorry didn't hit her I'll never know.

EDIT: Case in point from this morning:



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Occasionally I'm tempted to buy an old bike, and next time some bint on a mobile pulls out in front of me I'd let them T bone me and go over the bonnet, just to make the point.

Natually, I'd never do that, but it shows how frustrating this type of behaviour can be. Bad or thoughtless driving I can live with - I don't like it, but I'm a realist. But people who go out of their way to try and kill me by choosing to deliberately do something unlawful should be severely punished. Outright damgerous activities like fannying about with a mobile while dfriving should result in a compulsory ban - that'd either make them take notice, or else get them off the road. Either way it's a winner. Research has shown it affects peoples awareness and reactions to the level of a drunk driver, so it should have the same blooming punishment.
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