My legs seem to have fell off


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Hi Guys bit of a back story, as a teenager i suffered with Cramping calves quite regularly, that then went away. Over the last 12 months however, it seems to be back with vengeance.

I am now at the point were my riding is really suffering, cramping mid ride after only 5ish miles on the MTB, not only that my confidence seems to have taken a knock as i am scared i am going to cramp up, and loose it on even non technical stuff.

Any advice without a trip to my GP, also could bad muscles be hereditary my Dad has been on quinine tablets for around 20 years.

Many thanks


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The thread title made me think you'd stood on a land mine!

There no way around it - you need to see a Doc. While you're waiting 48 months for the appointment to roll around you could eat a few bananas.
Is your diet well balanced and nutrient rich?

A number of mineral deficiencies can lead to muscle spasms and cramps. Magnesium is one such. You're muscles need it to disengage. Insufficient magnesium means, among other things, that you literally can't relax.
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