My new toy ….

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My new bike ..Decathlon Rockrider 530ST … the replacement for much loved Trek Marlin 6 … but at a third of the price … EBay works sometimes …
The Marlin was brilliant … road tyres, rack, proper seat clamp, SPD pedals …. But I bought the wrong size …I rode home to Rotherham from Hornsea 1 day last year and was uncomfortable on the bike .. my friend even commented that the bike looked too small for me …
Sold it …
The bike behind it is my Jamis superbike .. LEJOG, CTC, JOGLE ….
The new bike is every bit as good as the Marlin if a bit heavier …. It will soon have road tyres, it has ..a rack, a proper seat clamp, SPD pedals.


This is where the bikes live … our conservatory … or “Boys Club” … as my wife calls it …. We’ve been evicted back to the shed from Easter … ☹️….

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Very nice. Wish you many happy miles on it.
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