My Raleigh Sports? Thoughts?


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Raleigh sports bike from the sixties I'd have thought. Don't think it's a Lenton but maybe a follow on model. Looks in reasonable order. Not worth a great deal but @biggs682 should be able to give you a good indication.


Looks like the frame used on 60's Carlton Cobras and the like, wrapover stays and made in Tru--Wel. Is it an export from the UK as I don't recognise it.


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Raleigh phased out the wrap around seat stays in about 73 I think. Unusual seat tube decal, no contrasting head tube and and no chrome - would need more pics really, but that head badge would point to post late 60's. You can find some catalogues at Sheldon's - US versions but many models were the same. Looks in decent original condition... values are all over the place at the moment - from the ridiculous to the very cheap. You're in the £100-£200 range by the looks, worth more to keep and ride!


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I know absolutely nothing about your bike, but it looks FAB, love the chain ring. You need to re-attach one of the rear mudguard stays though.


Reminds me of my first 'racing' bike, a Raleigh Rapier - just like this web image I found. I remember the wrap round seat stays.


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It needs finishing work I've only cleaned it. Purchased from an estate sale from the original owner all he had to say about it was that it was his college transportation. So not much info. Since the bike is all original the dyno hub dates the bike at 1964. The serial number is 1418310 if that helps identify it? It is a sports model but I have hardly seen anything in this same configuration and condition. Even on the great expanses of the inter webs there is maybe 3 photos of similar ish Sports model bikes. Which is why I think it would have been a fun topic on here haha Adding a few more photos. Anyway I love the look of this bike!


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