my wheel feels loose


Hi, I've just been checking over my bike and I can detect a tiny amount of side-to-side wobble in my back wheel. I've tightened up the bolts that keep the wheel in place, but there's still something shoogling. Is it maybe the wheel cones.?

It's booked in for a service in a couple of weeks time, so I am wondering if it's okay to keep using it until then (keeping an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get worse) or does it need immediate attention...

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THIS may help you.


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Your hunch about the cones in the hub is probably right. I'm sure it is safe to ride, but there is a risk of wearing the inside of the hub. Given that you've got it booked in for a service quite soon you'll probably be ok unless you are putting in some serious miles in the next two weeks. :blush:
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