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Avoid them like the plague - ordered a Giant Defy 1 from them recently only to be told the next morning that they don't have any in stock - they couldn't tell me why i was able to order one if not in stock.... so i decided to settle for a Defy 2 as the lad on the phone told me they had them in the warehouse, phone call then next day - sorry MisterStan we don't have the Defy 2 either.... They were really bad at communicating - never responded to emails/voicemails.


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Other than the mistaken stock level's (which is a bit shoot, but well some web store systems have holes) I am struggling to understand what was so bad about their communication.

Can you confirm I am understanding correctly?

1) You ordered something, the NEXT day they contacted you to say no stock, offered an alternative. You accepted.
2) The NEXT day they contacted you again to say sorry no stock.

So in 3 days, they contacted you twice? How many times did you try to contact them in this time? Not sure of the size of their operation, but if I receive a response from any business within 24 hours, I would consider it relativelly good communication. 48-72 hour email turnaround etc is not unusual.

Did you receive a refund following the second "out of stock" situation? Was it provided in a timely fashion? How long?

Not debating whether they suck or not, but from your post I'm not really clear on the complaint, especially re. communication.


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There are very few Defys around the place - Cyclesurgery have a few 2s in their stores and there are a few 1s (Giant stores have a handful - you could try the Cambridge branch - as do a few other independent retailers).

Large ones are pretty much all gone - more Ms & MLs

Where are you based?

IIRC Myspokes are small, one or two shops in West London I think (I returned one thing to their shop in Chiswick, can't recall the name though)

It seems like Giant completely undersupplied the UK in reality and with the new models coming soon, probably this is it
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