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Firstly, MyTrails.
This is a recommendation for those looking for a Smartphone app that does route planning\tracking\mapping.

Phone: Moto G (Android device)

Amazing piece of software. You can (my highlights)...
  • Choose from a huge variety of free maps (OpenCycleMap & OpenHikingMap are my favourites)
  • Pay 5 euros for the OS Opendata map anually (can't be stored offline though).
  • You can store offline maps. I have the whole of the south of England stored on the micro sd card.
  • Track your routes and upload them.
  • Using GPSies create tracks and waypoints. MyTrails will link with GPSies and download them so you can use them on the smartphone.
MyTrails is free with no advertising but with some aspects limited\locked down. The Pro version (2 Euros) unlocks everything.

I cycle mainly off road and this has been a godsend.

To extend battery life on your smartphone - turn off... wifi, bluetooth, mobile data. I get 6+ hours from my phone running MyTrails and the offline maps.

Now GPSies.
What a great website. Create all your tracks and waypoints using the variety of maps the hold. Connect your MyTrails to the GPSies account and off you go. So simple.

If you find these sites\apps useful please donate!!!!
Last time I used GPsies it was a bit clunky, but good. I will see if its improved.
Seem to have improved some things. Export of tcx files whilst they give turn by turn there are no road names (not a major issue), the speed for the V.P. is better than rwgps, but map editing isn't as smooth, but better options for export.
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