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Discussion in 'Bikes and Buying Advice - What Bike?' started by Maylian, 25 Jul 2012.

  1. Maylian

    Maylian Senior Member

    So I bought my Giant back in March and now starting to feel the urge to get another road bike and retire the hybrid back for those rare days of some off roading or cruising along leisurely. I won't be buying one for a little while whilst I wait to see if my work are going to start a cycle to work scheme or not but in people's experience how good are Ribble bikes?

    Out of all the bikes I'm looking at Ribble seem to be pretty good value for money, look good and obviously massively customisable. Wondering if it is better to get one of these if you have an idea on spec that you want rather than buying an off the shelf job from the LBS.

    So what are people's thoughts on Ribble, are there any other good sites for "build your own" bikes?
  2. vickster

    vickster Legendary Member

    Planet X customise, or Dolan

    Ribble bikes seem good, their customer service much more hit and mix
  3. derrick

    derrick The Glue that binds us together.

    I put one together for the other half at the end of last year, and she loves it, 105 through out, does ride nice not had any probs with customer service.
  4. lejogger

    lejogger Über Member

    When they were a stand-alone bike shop in Preston they had an excellent reputation. Since they've converted into a large online retailer the customer service has dropped a couple of points.
    I ride with a couple of chaps who have Ribbles however and they didn't experience any problems. Likewise, as Vickster states, Dolan are also excellent.
    It all depends on your budget, but if you had a bit to spend and fancied some Titanium then you can fully customise an Enigma on their website.
  5. goody

    goody Über Member

    I took delivery of a Ribble last week. There were a couple of issues with he way it was assembled, RD cable not cut to length, rear brake setup with no slack so that it was clamped on the rim and gear indexing not set. I wouldn't expect to take delivery of a mail order bike and have it ready to ride 'out of the box' so I didn't mind spending a bit of time going over it and setting it up properly. Ribble offer good products at a great price so I imagine their staff are under a bit of pressure to get the bikes out of the doors. I've done about 140 miles on the bike now and absolutely love it, the ride is so different to any bike I've had before It's 3kg lighter than my previous bike and feels a lot more responsive. I like the fact that you can specify the components you want (I prefer Campagnolo which limits your choice of off the shelf bikes from the big manufacturers). At the end of the day I paid £1400 for a bike that feels comfortable has decent components that I won't need to upgrade and weighs 7.3kg, plus it looks nice and I enjoy riding it.
  6. Andrew_Culture

    Andrew_Culture Internet Marketing bod

    Gah! I wish I hadn't started playing with the Ribble bike builder! Get the behind me Satan, or I'll show you how empty my wallet is!

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  7. biggs682

    biggs682 Smile a mile bike provider

    and here it all starts soon n+ 3
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