Nantes-Brest canal route

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Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
The bit I did (20 miles or so in the middle) was a wide, hard, compacted 'dirt' track that was easily rideable on a touring bike with 32c tyres.
We've just ridden a small part - Rohan to Josselin and it was basically a tarmac surface and really easy to ride. Further west, near Chateaulin it looked more of a broken surface, and also there, where it follows a river, it really meanders so the road is much more direct - if that matters. We met two couples, both at least partly Australian! who both had the same book on the Canal - sadly I can't remember what it was called.


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I did a couple of short sections just NW of Redon. The only advice I'd have is I'd planned to do it on my Audax bike but was glad I chose to do it on the MTB. Also, if you're used to road riding, is to keep your bum off the saddle as after 40 miles my ass hurt!
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