Narrow mudgauards for 26" wheels?

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Hi all, been reading the forums for a while, now registered to get some guidance on some accessories!

I have a Scott Sub20 hybrid bike with 26" wheels, running 1.3" sport contacts (great!), which replaced even narrower 1.1" Schwalbe Stelvios (hateful puncture magnets!) and I don't think I'll ever need anything wider since bike only used on the road. What are the narrowest mudguards around for these wheels that have decent protection in mucky weather? All the 26" guards are more focussed on wide MTB tyres.......
Run 700c guards. You'll need to bridge the gap between the stay-bridge and fork-crown holes with a 40 or so mm length of alloy or steel plate with a hole @ each end to drop the mudguard nearer to the tyre. You'll get much improved 'wrap' for better protection from spray, they'll just need to be manhandled into place a bit to fit the smaller radius. I've been doing it for years and have this set-up on my AfricaBike.
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