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Can anyone recommend places to buy funky/daft/unusual accessories for road bikes please? I'm thinking bar end caps, head tube caps, spacers, saddles maybe - basically anything that adds a bit of colour/individuality to a's for a present for a friend but I'm not wanting to spend shed loads. All I've managed to find in the UK is Kapz and their prices seem a bit steep for what is essentially a bit of novelty.

Thanks, Andy
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These are nice and colourful And get some good coloured tape

Spoke nipples


Headset cap

What colour are you looking for - Google is your friend. I'd steer clear of saddles as they are such an individual thing

Be cheaper on postage if you can find from the same retailer - above just examples from Google


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The OP specifically mentions them as expensive

I don't think personalising a bike is novelty though so would spend on the right stuff

I even bought a very expensive hope BB, bartape and saddle as they were the right colour for the Genesis


Genuinely useful!

I got lost twice on the way to work today, on a 3 mile route I know very well and have used for the last 5 years.


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Sorry for the slow reply, not been on here for a couple of weeks. Thanks for all the suggestions - that Hope stuff was just the kind of thing I was looking for, thanks.
These looks a bit, erm, rad?! Would they just screw onto the valve in place of the dust cap?

Also, what are spoke nipples all about? Are they easy to fit? I'm thinking of both of the above with a young nephew's BMX in mind. Cheers.
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