Need a second opinion on this bike build please


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I'm looking to order my bike parts some time today so I can build this week/next weekend.

I'm looking to stay £650 or under, and with the help of some members at another forum have come up with the following:

  • Frame - Dirty Jo
  • Groupset - Deore 590 Disc Groupset & MT15 Factory Wheels - Shimano Groupsets
  • Forks - Rockshox Tora 318 Forks - RockShox Suspension Forks
  • Seatpost - stem, bar - Race Face Ride XC Bar,Stem & Seatpost - Mountain Bike Seatposts
  • Saddle - Bioflex Sport Saddle
  • Pedal - Wellgo 9/16" LU313 Pedal (V8 Copy)
  • Tyres - Continental Vertical Wire Bead 26 x 2.3"
  • Grip - Orange Strange Grip 2010
  • Headset - FSA Orbit ZS-4 OEM
  • Seat clamp - M:Parts Threadsaver seat clamp Black
  • Inner tubes - Continental MTB 26 Tube
The above is coming out at £669 at the moment, however I'm pretty sure I can find some better prices on a few of the parts.

Any recommendations, comments?


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not bad is my initial thought, but i think you can get a lot better for the money. there is something nice about building your own bike out of the parts you want, but when you consider that your bike above is based on a very low budget frame, its not as good a bike as you can get for the money.

Within your price point, you can get this
which is what i would buy, if i had to make a decision to buy a bike now! With a bit of looking you might be able to find an even better deal.
The GT will hold its value a lot better as well.


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True, however I'm in it for the project and the learning. The frame is pretty cheap, but have heard some very good reviews on it considering the price. Still, it's probably one of the things I'll be upgrading in the not too distant future to something like the Kinesis Maxlight XC2. That all depends on the actual quality of the frame & how much I like it though :laugh:

Building and then riding this bike is going to be my hobby, so even though I might be able to get something better off the shelf I'd really rather build my own at the moment.

Thanks for the comments/suggestions though :blush:

Very tempting to for the Maxlight XC2 straight off, but that's going to put the price at almost £800 which I think is a little steep considering it's my first build.


Craig321 said:
The frame is pretty's probably one of the things I'll be upgrading in the not too distant future to something like the Kinesis Maxlight XC2.
Usual advice is to economise on the other components, not the frame.


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Generally it looks like quite a good list.

Check and double check that the fork travel matches the frame geometry - this is absolutely essential to get correct

The MT15 wheels by shimano wouldn't be my choice, and I don't know that saddle so can't comment; otherwise all good.
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