Need advice on new bike + trailer for work


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Tyne and Wear
I work in Newcastle city centre and use a bicycle/ trailer combo to go round cleaning up the city centre, But they were not well designed and have had there days. so advice i need is type of bike, geared, not geared, tyre size etc.. also a type of trailer that will be suitable for carrying bottles of water, brushes, litterpickers etc... they will be used daily so comfort and ease of peddling is vital, feel free to ask amymore questions, thanks, scott
If you're only using it for work have you considered a cargo bike or trike? There are Dutch style bikes that would seem to suit your use and they're built to last.


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A few years ago I cobbled together a trailer but it was a bit of a disaster. I made a hitch for the seat post, like several commercial offerings, but it made the bike almost unrideable when laden.

Those hitches that attach to the rear axle are apparently much better.

But if the bike is just for work, you're much better off with a cargo bike. I had a quick spin on a front loading cargo bike once with 50 kilos loaded and it was ace compared to my trailer.
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