Need help in pricing a 1950's ladies bike


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I am hoping one of you nice people may be able to help. My wife's mother passed away about 10 years ago and her old bike has been sat in the shed ever since. It is a 1950's Raleigh all steel shopping bike, I know its 1950's as the rear wheel has the countries with the patent pending inscribed on the hub. its is 95% original. Basket, tyres, 4 speed lever and wire, and a few nuts and bolts have been replaced. But other than that everything is as it was. It does require some tlc but it works.
Now to the help I need, the bike is now to heavy (its very heavy) for my wife to ride and we would like to sell it, but I have no clue as to how much to sell it for. Can anyone help please?


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Best thing to do is look on eBay. They seem to going for £100-200 dependant on condition. It’s a Superbe.


You definitely don't want to chuck one of those away!. I've got a men's rod-braked version and it's a very good and solidly engineered bike. They are heavy by modern standards, but that can be mitigated to a degree if necessary by altering the gearing slightly.
Although these sort of bikes do appeal to a certain type of rider it has to be remembered they are heavy and the steel wheels do not stop wonderfully well in the wet, so there are easier to live with alternatives that will appeal to most riders. You have to really like vintage 3-speeds to go out and buy one these days, they are not what the mainstream buyer looks for.
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Whatever it's worth, it's gorgeous. I'd love to own one, I might not ride it often, but I'd just love looking at it, it's fabulous.

If that was my Mother in law's bike I'd be holding on to it dearly, much of the "value" lies in the memories and provenance of the thing to your wife. I'd restore it and keep it.
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