Need help on 27.5" tyres


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Hi all,
I am a regular but still quite new cyclist.
I have been riding since June last year and have clocked up nearly 1,500 miles so far.
I have a Carrera Vengance at the moment, cheap but really good value for money.
I am looking at gettint the Carrera Subway 2 hybrid next month, as I do a lot of riding on paths but still need a bit of grit on the bike for the dirt tracks.
The only thing putting me off is the 27.5" wheels.
Are they anygood or are they a showstopper?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Loch side.
There is nothing about those wheels that should stop you from getting the bike if you like it.
Tyres are freely available and it is a nice size between 26" and 29". The latter is populr with cross-country MTB racers and seems to be replacing the 26" standard in that application. The 27.5 is for fence-sitters but in my view it is better than 29" for one reason. The wheels are not as bulky as 29" MTB wheels. If you have to travel with the latter you'll come to hate their sheer size an bulk.


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Not used no...I'm sure other sellers have the tyres if you prefer to use a better known retailer

It says... Items showing as 'in stock' will be despatched same day if ordered before 4pm.

Presumably using a next day service, although if snail mail, I wouldn't cancel my wedding so can be in to receive the parcel ;)

Use a credit card for protection if concerned
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