Need help with changing inner tube/finding correct size


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So checked out some video on youtube and the guy basically said just get a 27.5 - 2.10 tyre and inner tube and everything should be fine as long as the numbers match.

Just bought this...
and it's about an inch bigger than the alloy which I just don't understand since I got the 27.5

If I'm honest I'm a complete noob with bikes and haven't got a clue, apparently all the information on the old tyre is meant to indicate what to get but I can't for the life of me figure it out, if someone could help me and give me some advice on how to actually go about getting the right stuff I'd much appreciate it. I'll post some pictures of the old tyre too and the information I got off the alloy too.


Also I'm looking at these as I think this is the same inner tube as my old one but I don't want to purchase in case it's the wrong thing again


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Hi @Redfish24, welcome to CC!
The inner tube you bought is the right one: remember the tyre circumference is bigger then the rim (alloy).
Just fit the tube you have, taking care of not trapping it between the tyre and the rim while fitting.


Inner tube is correct. I inflate inner tube when installing so it holds shape and doesn't kink. Once inside tyre carcass, i reduce the pressure, so I can fit tyre without levers. I do this by locating bead virtually all the way round, then nip the tyre into the centre of rim opposite to the section that isnt fitted. Keep doing this whilst thumbing the bead over the rim lip. Eventually it will seat. Partially inflate, get bead seated evenly, then full inflate
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