need some help choosing a bike :)


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hey, i am pretty new to this but i have done a little research and this is what i've gleaned so far:

i am looking for a road/hybrid bike i think. i'm willing to pay around 300-400 for it, although the cheaper the better aha

i'm around six foot, i went into halfords and a local bike shop and they said a 19"/20"/21" frame should be ok

halfords recommended a 'carrerra subway 1' and some DELUXE edition of the same bike.

seeing as i'm pretty uninformed on these things i figured i'd ask you guys for some recommendations!



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Well we'd need to narrow it down a bit first so have a think about you're needs/knowledge and then post up a bit more detail. Making a reasonable first choice is important and, just by coming on here and going to actual bike shops, it shows you're taking it seriously. Things like:-

what your planned useage is - this often changes once people get into riding but just a rough idea is good, ie road riding, commuting, load carrying capacity, rough trails, MTBing etc

your size, age, weight, fitness levels - there's nothing hard and fast here but you may get useful info around experience and expectations from people who started at similar levels

At the 3-400 mark I'd be looking for something that could be a bit jack of all trades, good for commuting and not too precious to be left outside shops etc. Then using that bike a learning curve to decide on a future 'serious' bike purchase.
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