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Hi CycleChat,

I am really new to this as this is my first post and i really need your help, main reason i have come onto here to ask for your help is because, I have plans on the 12th June to ride from Edinburgh to London, this is all in the name of my beautiful nan who recently passed away to cancer, not only to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Research, but also to raise awareness to Cruelty To Children to also raise money for the NSPCC. i will attach a letter that i sent to BBC Radio Sheffield as i will be live on there next week to try and get sponsors and donation, but i really need to know what i am going to need as in equipment, i am talking everything, obviously it is a long way and i know i will have consequences with my butt, but it is worth it. please any help is better than no help, if you could help me put a list together that would be great as JE James Cycles and Decathlon are helping me with the all equpiment, please help. Email to BBC Radio Sheffield and ITV Calender is below.

Thank you Again Guys

My name is Curtis-Shane Gregory, and today I contact you in regards to a very important cause, I understand that you will get this a lot and I totally Understand if you cant help, but I hope you can help me make a dream come true for not only me and my family but for my Beautiful Nan, that past away 3rd November 2014.

My Nan was and still is very close to me, and to be honest I wouldn't be who I was without her in my life, when I lost her in November it was a huge shock but I still don't believe its quite hit me yet that she will never be here again, she lost her life to cancer in November after only be told 6 months earlier, luckily enough we got to say our goodbye and I am glad she took her last breathe so peacefully and when she did I was there sat next to her holding her hand. My nan did so much for charity's, and in a way I just want to carry that legacy on. when my Nan turned 18 she applied for a passport but unfortunately got rejected as there was no such name or person believed to have lived, she had no birth certificate, no nothing to even confirm her date of birth or who she was of that matter. at birth my nan was separated from her family and put straight into the adoption circuit, unfortunately this is really the only thing about my nans early years I know about, but when she got older and wiser, she decided to write a bio about her life, and what happened and how she got beaten and wasn't sure of anything, today (23/01/15) I went to Pinders printers, and they have decided to donate copies of the book to be published and I wish to get as many as possible and sell them, and for all the proceedings to go to 2 charity's. (Macmillan cancer & NSPCC stop cruelty to children) This would seriously be a huge dream of my nans accomplished, and I hope this will really touch many people in this world, that there is people out there, getting the same treatment as you, and that you can get through it and you can come out the other end a better person, just like my nan did, and I think this book will help those people. unfortunately I have not yet been able to get past page 1 of the book as it is too raw for me, but I do hope to get through it at some point.

So the reason I contact you is for help on my travels to raise more money for the charity's, I am going to do a charity bike ride. just me by myself, riding from Scotland to London with family members joining me for specific parts of the journey, London to Edinburgh (450 miles). I would like your help to come to studios hopefully and have a live feed conversation in regards to sponsorships and donations to help me actually make this possible, I need a bike, equipment, hotels, advertisements, sponsors and more. I really want to make this happen and make my nan's dream come true and be proud of this. I am in talks with Decathlon in regards to equipment, also been in contact with JE James Cycles with the hope they will sponsor me with a bike, I have a local business called after dark lighting sponsoring me with a generous donation, I am more that happy with anyone helping me, to put there business name or logo on my equipment and me if necessary. I just need help with all of this. and I sincerely hope you will help.

Mr Curtis-Shane Gregor

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Hi @Curtis-Shane

I too have had the misfortune of dealing with the onslaught of misery that is Cancer & lost my Stepfather to the disease.

If you set up a justgiving page & post the link up in the correct thread i am sure there will be some willing to contribute to your cause.

& Good Luck.


I feel for you, but a quick trawl round cyclechat would've told you that you didn't need to post all the preamble. What are you looking for? What sort of ride? What's your budget? What help do you want?

Those are maybe the questions... And some others perhaps...


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@Cyclist33 yeah i totally agree but that is what i need help with, i dont exactly know what i need, but what i do need is your help to find that out, i have companies looking to give me equpiment, but i want to make sure i am prepared, @SteCenturion i will soon be put up a just giving page link on here.
As in help, i mean what do you think for that long haul will i need to succeed in this event.


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One of the Decathlon roadbikes would do you fine, perhaps adding better wheels, plus mudguards and a pannier rack

You'll want at least 5 pairs of good padded shorts (to have fresh ones every day) and a saddle that is comfortable, you should hopefully know from the training you'll be doing!

Good luck with your challenge :smile:


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Hi @Curtis-Shane

If you post this link in the Charity Rides & Events section of the forum you might reach a wider audience.

Include a brief message of what you aim to achieve, be a little more to the point so that people don't get put off (i know that it might be a difficult & very raw subject) but best to keep 'em sweet if you get my drift.

I will be just giving when I get home.
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