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Just saw and advert recently recycling his greatest hits, again.

Is it my imagination, or is he not *extremely* cool? Like, a read dude.

It's like he's always been there, as the last thing on the juke box... but never the first. And all people who play guitar have one of his songs on their 'to learn' list.

I don't even know what he looks like!!!!

Is he like a male Tina Turner, and everyone says 'oooh, don't he look good for his age'?

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I haven't seen a recent picture of him and don't even know if he's performing or even around, but some of his music is very good and easy to listen to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Neil Diamond is the most monotonous slowest dullest un-musical 'singer' on the planet, nay even the known universe and all it's ages...buying one of his albums should be a hanging only encourages him to make more.

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Rhythm Thief said:
He seems to have reinvented himself, a la Johnny Cash and other codgers. From what I hear (and I haven't got around to buying any of his recent stuff yet) his latest album is a bit more gritty and raw than his earlier stuff.
But is it any less dull and monotonous?


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I was leant a copy of the latest ND album and found it pretty dull.
The song that most people will remember him for is 'Daydream Believer' as performed by 'The Monkees'.

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anybody who can survive in the music industry like he has gets my vote.

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Anyone who can make a hit song out of traffic noise deserves some kind of ,erm, praise:biggrin:
It's a Beautiful Noise!!!


Wifey likes him and he's been in a Jack Black film (Evil Woman) if that makes him cool in any way. Believe he's doing some UK dates soon. Missus wanted us to go, but I refused point blank which wasn't well received!


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IMHO Solitary man is the best song he wrote and sang. Then again he did write many great songs for himself and others.

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simon l& and a half said:
I confess to being a lifelong Neil Diamond fan. And I've got a soft spot for Glen Campbell. Great songs (although Glen's were written by Jimmy Webb) and punchy delivery.

Musical likes and dislikes, like many subjective choices are interesting...can't agree on Diamond, he is absolutely dreadful (wrote good songs, ruined them when he sang them), but share you liking for Glen Campbell. Witchita lineman is often thought a bit tacky, but when I'm out on the road late at night driving home, stuck in a motorway jam, it's the song that fills my head...same when I'm overseas for long periods...then you realise how good it is. Went to Witchita once for a day...pretty much a one Terrapin town in the middle of flatland nowhere...
If Neil Diamond were to fill my heard in the same circumstances it'd be time to end it all...


When I went interrailing with 3 mates in the mid nineties we all agreed to take four cassettes each (those were the days, now we'd just have an ipod each). Anyway, we all tried to make sure that, while our own musical taste was covered, there was something for everyone else in the group. One lad had a Neil Diamond Greatest hits album. For two weeks we all took the p1ss and then finally gave in when he said we couldn't judge until we'd listened. We did and it became the most sought after tape of the trip.

When we got home I bought a copy immediately and two years later I was travelling in the States (with my ND best of) and it was me that had the p1ss taken out of me by my travelling pals - until I made them listen and again ND became a hit among the travelling set.

So, Neil Diamond - he gets the thumbs up from me. And great for long distance train and bus trips.
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