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Hello. Have just found and joined the site and have been requested to add a message in this section, so here goes...

I really took up cycling in 2004, and since then most of my riding has been lunch time outings whilst working from home and also some half, and occasional full, days at the weekend.

In this time I have cycled very nearly 10,000 miles (currently on 9,820), made up of mainly shorter trips - my longest to date having been 77 miles, but most between 10 and 16 miles.

I would like someday to do some longer multi day trips here or abroad (I still have this mad idea to cycle up the Stelvio pass), but as of yet that has not happened.

The bikes I use are an old (70s/80s frame) Raleigh and a similar vintage Bob Jackson. Both use down tube shifters (If it works then why replace it?), but currently only the Raleigh is on 700Cs, with the Bob Jackson still on 27s - although I do have some long reach brakes on order so that I can switch to 700Cs when I can no longer get tyres.

I will probably spend quite a bit of time here in the touring area, hopefully picking up tip and planning for that future possible long trip.

I do not have a cycling website, but if anyone would like any routing advise or other help about cycling in the Yorkshire Dales then please do get in touch, I will try and help as best I can.


My bike may no longer look pristine, but if you had walked as far as it has been ridden then you would have very sore feet
Hi Nail and :smile: to Cycle Chat good to have you on board :smile:
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